About Us

Grand Hoss Hotels & Resorts LLP was formed under the simple guiding principle of providing unparalleled services in the field of Hospitality. Our focus and responsibilities are to our guests, patrons, our family of employees and our community.

We do this when we make decisions in alignment with our core values. We take special pride in helping our guests create unique memories by virtue of offering them a wide variety of recreation options, the highest level of hospitality, and honestly welcoming them to what we feel is the most special corner of the world, The Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand.

We strive for a high quality, authentic, community driven Resort that derives its vitality from the beautiful natural terrain, highly satisfied guests, and its employees whose energy and spirit are its foundation. We believe that every employee has a part in making GrandHoss successful. As a growing company we strive to exceed the industry standard and exceed our customer’s expectations.

What Makes Us Special

Riverside Access

Kosi is a Himalayan river originating from Dharpani Dhar in Baramandal, Almora. Also known as ‘Kaushiki’ by the locals, Kosi is the lifeline for local wildlife as well as local agriculture.

Scenic Acres

The open and widespread lawns at Nadiya Parao allow a clear view of nature in all its beauty. The river flowing along the grounds makes for a picturesque sitting spot while the mountains are a treat for sore eyes. The scenic experience at Nadiya Parao is like a breath of fresh air.

Delectable Cuisines

Our experienced chefs cook up a large variety of cuisines to go with all your moods. Ranging from the spice of a desi tadka to the comfort of pastas and sweetness of inventive desserts, good food in Nadiya Parao knows no boundaries.


Relax yourself in the cool weather enjoying the Scenic views with a plunge in the pool and enjoy the blast of relaxation coming through the waves.